Man, 23, missing for two months in London found safe and well

A 23-year-old man who went missing in London two months ago has been found safe and well, his dad has confirmed.

Antonino Coppola, from Positano, Italy, was last seen exiting Bow Road tube station in east London on September 16 as he was searching for a bathroom.

A friend who was on the underground train with him waited for him on the platform, but Antonino never returned.

Tower Hamlets Police and Richmond Police launched a joint search for the young man, whose disappearance was described by his family as “out of character”.

And last week, after two months of agony, Antonino’s dad Vincenzo Coppola confirmed on social media his son had been found safe and well.

Writing on groups of Italians living in London – many of whom helped the family by sharing leaflets and social media appeals – the relieved dad said: “Hello everyone, given your collaboration, it is right that I tell you this before you know it from other sources.

“The police found Antonino last night, but due to reasons of privacy and security, they have not told us anything at the moment, only that he is fine. I have no words to thank you.”

Richmond Police also shared an update on Twitter, saying: “Missing 23-year-old Antonino has been found safe and well. Thanks for your shares, comments and retweets.”

The reason for Antonino’s disappearance is unclear, but his family and friends have been overjoyed after being told he is well.

When Antonino went missing, his desperate mum Maria Russo told The Mirror she hoped her son would be found “as soon as possible” as she pleaded with anyone who might have information to come forward and assist police with their inquiries.

She said: “I am worried to death. I am speaking now for my son’s sake as we need to find him, but I can’t even talk to other people about it because of how much it hurts, I feel like I’m dying.”

Mrs Russo said her son’s behaviour was odd as they always had a very “honest” relationship which meant she was informed about his whereabouts.

She explained: “He used to call me even twice a day, he is really affectionate, and he would never have left his friend alone at the station with his suitcase knowing that he didn’t know where he had to go.

“I need to be strong because Antonino has to come back and we have to have a great party to celebrate his return.”